The two year Master of Arts in Education Initial Principal Licensure program is designed to equip qualified and experienced educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to assume leadership positions in schools; particularly those of program supervisor/director or building principal/assistant principal.

Studies include: leadership, school management, law and finance. The program emphasizes the role of a school leader as collaborator and creator of a supportive and stimulating environment for children and teachers.

Application Requirements

Two options available

1. Endorsement for Principal Licensure only

Complete 30 hours of combined coursework and supervised internships. Cost is around $12,000 total to complete for the Endorsement only. Please note: If you pursue the licensure program only, you are not eligible for financial aid.

2. Educational Leadership Master’s degree with Principal Licensure

Includes a total of 39 credit hours of combined coursework and supervised internships throughout the degree program. Cost is around $16,000 total to complete all requirements for this Master’s degree. Students who pursue endorsement along with a master’s degree are eligible for financial aid.

Course Schedule

New cohorts begin each summer pending sufficient enrollment

Program Completion Requirements

Four internships are required for the Educational Leadership program. Three internships are taken concurrently with your first three full terms (fall, spring, fall) in an alternative school site along with your cognate coursework. Secondary teachers will be in an elementary setting and elementary teachers will be in a secondary setting to meet the K-12 licensure requirements.

The fourth internship will be taken alone at the end of your cognate course work in your own school. This final internship will be in conjunction with the Capstone Project (CAP).

The CAP is required for those earning their Masters of Arts Degree and for those seeking endorsement only.