The one-year post-baccalaureate initial license program is designed to provide future educators with the knowledge and skill necessary to obtain state licensure and assume teaching positions in schools.

39 hours for MA and Initial licensure – Online

    • Initial Licensure – 30 credit hours of coursework and supervised field experience, including one semester of student teaching.
    • Courses available world-wide
Application Requirements

Program Highlights

  • All courses are online, designed for working professionals.
  • Endorsement areas include: Secondary English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Business.
  • Convenient: Begin fall, spring, or summer semester.
  • Flexible schedule to meet your needs. Take as few as 1 or as many classes each semester as best fits your schedule.
  • 39 Credit hours and one semester of student teaching required to complete the program.
  • Semester based classes – 16 weeks each fall or spring, 8 weeks each summer.
  • Dedicated advisor to assist you throughout the licensure and degree program.
  • Experienced, caring faculty.


  • Competitive tuition
  • Cost is around $16,000 total to fully complete, or $12,000 for just the initial licensure.
  • Financial aid/loans for graduate students are available for those who qualify and opt to take the full program. Financial aid is not available for students who take only the licensure program.

Two Options

Initial Licensure only

Complete 30 hours of coursework and supervised field experiences, including one semester of student teaching. Cost is reduced to around $12,000 for just the endorsement. ​Note: If you only pursue the licensure program, you are not eligible for financial aid.

Initial License w/Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction

Includes a total of 39 credit hours of combined coursework and supervised field experiences, including one semester of student teaching. The total cost is around $16,000 total to complete all requirements for the Master’s degree and the initial licensure program. This option allows for the use of financial aid for those who qualify.

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