Our Mission

student sitting at table with laptopThe School of Education at Adams State University is dedicated to inspiring and empowering the cultivation of educational leaders who embrace diversity, facilitate change, and contribute to the learning and inclusion of all students, particularly in rural regions.

Based upon the model of the professional educator as a reflective decision-maker, the school prepares:

  • Educational leaders who actively participate in school improvement, applying the skills necessary to facilitate school reform while fostering collaboration and cooperation amongst multiple stakeholders
  • Competent professionals who seek out and manage resources to support instruction, engage in constructive discourse on a wide range of educational issues, understand and implement state standards, and model best practices
  • Culturally responsive teachers who facilitate learning for all students

Content and pedagogical preparation includes:

  • A liberal arts education and content area knowledge in the area of licensure
  • Application of evidence-based theories and strategies of learning and instruction to classroom practice, including:
    • literacy
    • Colorado content standards based curriculum
    • Instructional management
    • Formal and informal assessment practices
    • Instructional strategies that address a wide range of learning styles, including effective strategies for linguistically and culturally diverse students

The School of Education is authorized by the Colorado State Board of Education to provide licensure and endorsement programs. All M.A. degree-seeking candidates must successfully complete a capstone project (CAP) in order to meet requirements for the degree.

Our Vision

To leave a legacy by elevating the teaching profession and building strategic community partnerships that promote relationships, inclusivity, innovation, and lifelong learning for future generations of educators.