Our Mission

The Teacher Education Department of Adams State University is dedicated to inspiring and empowering the cultivation of educational leaders who embrace diversity, facilitate change, and contribute to the learning and inclusion of all students, particularly in rural regions.

Our Vision

To leave a legacy by elevating the teaching profession and building strategic community partnerships that promote relationships, inclusivity, innovation, and lifelong learning for future generations of educators.

Program Goals

  1. To produce initial licensure candidates, graduate endorsees, and Masters Candidates who have met or exceeded the standards for teachers and principals as established by the appropriate governing bodies for the state of Colorado.
  2. To produce educators who exemplify the core dispositions as educators including, but not limited to empathy, professional competence, and theability to work with learners who have special needs and are culturally and linguistically diverse.
  3. To produce educators who can incorporate evolving professional standards, applicable public policies, and academic research to enhance their ownpractice and to serve as role models to colleagues.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Meet of exceed the teacher and principal quality standards at the level indicated in the quality standards alignment matrix for this course by demonstrating the skills and where appropriate, documenting effective performance in providing appropriate instruction and assessment of learning for all students, including those learners with special needs and those who are culturally and linguistically diverse.
  2. Demonstrate dispositions appropriate to teachers and principals by means of the educator professionalism rubric (EPR).
  3. Demonstrate the capacity to access, understand and incorporate evolving public policies and academic research to enhance professional practice.